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Online Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Lehenga


Story Behind the Collection

The Princess of Suburbia Brand is a Lifestyle brand for a Woman who desires to be Bold & Sophisticated. Every Inspiration Begins with a Story. Great excitement must have transpired across Persia as the news of a search for a Queen for the King of Persia echoed through the province. Every woman hoped she would be the one to be chosen.
By the King's command, beauty pageants were held in every province, and the loveliest maidens were given a free trip to the great finale at the King's palace. Amongst the maidens to arrive at the palace was Hadassah, an orphan from a minority group. As she gracefully presented herself to the King, her breathtaking beauty overcame him. Hadassah, an orphan won the King's heart and favor, more than any of the maidens; thus placing a royal crown on her head making her the Queen of Persia.
This life story is the backdrop of Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock's, The Princess of Suburbia Collection. She dresses women so elegantly, alluringly, with sophistication but more importantly, she helps women make bold statement with their dressing styles... a legacy statement she is most certainly proud of. Vibrant colors are never to be shied away from! They exude confidence and strength; they empower and inspire! The Princess of Suburbia implores women, regardless of age, to dare dream by making bold statements with their dressing, no matter the race, the occasion, the season, and/or life experience.


Born in Southern region of West Africa, Fumi emigrated to the United States of America over thirty years ago. The Back Story to her collections is derived from a Jewish teenager named "Hadassah", an orphan who later became Queen Esther.

Princess Fumi's (an authentic African Royalty) passion for designing clothes began when she was 12 years old. It is her believe that every woman deserves to experience a taste of couture at affordable pricing. She states that women desire to be classy and alluring.

Her personal motto is this: Every Woman is a Princess. And her fashion line dares woman to be bold, elegant, youthful, alluring, and edgy.